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The Official Barcelona Club Anthem “El Cant del Barça” was originally composed for the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the club in 1974. Today, the song has been updated into a more modern version interpreted by Yesmeen.

The sweet voice of the artist Yesmeen uplifts the updated Barcelona Anthem and brings a very personal and sentimental touch to accompany the football team through its past, present and future success story.

Yesmeen has a rich cultural background with origins between Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, currently living in Switzerland. Her travels around the world has influenced her music. Yesmeen’s musical interpretation is the expression of a free soul carried up by her sweet voice - thin and hoarse at the same time.

During one of Yesmeen’s travels to Paris, she met up with record executive Georges Williams from the music label Rock Rider Records. He suggested Yesmeen to record and re-arrange the song before the performance to acheive a more modern pop-rock song to lift up the classical song.

Magic happend in the studio and the new version of the Barcelona Anthem was born.





Safehaus was formed amid the thriving Bristol scene and the chemistry was there from the first note. Their innate command of melody and interest in textural experimentation is now flowering.

Safehaus' musical odyssey brought the duo into mainland Europe, and an encounter with the legendary Manu Dibango took their musical creativity to another level. Safehaus’ alternative rock and Manu Dibango’s world music proved to be a perfect marriage. The collaboration with the 77 year old trend-setter, known to the world for the global hit Soul Makossa, resulted in the beautiful song Shallow Waters.

« Our collaboration is the proof that music has no boundaries. »      

                - Manu Dibango


The rich depth of the arrangements create a striking and convincing unity of purpose.


The first single « Fear Inside » is a bittersweet story about love, hate and vertiginous passion.


The second single « Warning Signs » is a commentary on the devastation of loss, the personal nature of grief and the feelings of loneliness and regret that are, for some, inescapable.




The three talented brothers John, Tom and Robin are now back in Europe after having seduced the Australian audience as finalist of X-Factor Australia. They were greeted by a standing ovation from the audience and the jury consisting of among others Ronan Keating. 2 million TV-viewers followed them and the success then spread worldwide to Europe, US and Asia.

The brothers grew up in a musical family with a Swedish mother and an Australian stepfather who are firmly established in the industry. With instruments everywhere, producing and songwriting became a daily occurrence and it was inevitable that the brother trio would set their sights on a musical career with such inspirational role models.

The first single « Ride » was a great international success - top 2 in Sweden and top 20 in Australia. Major TV plays in France. 



Limeo - the hot latino trio consisting of the 2 brothers Ezio and Matteo and their cousin Ignazio.

Limeo is the cosmopolitan music story of two brothers and a cousin, loving to perform and to write music. Their Italian origins and the inspiration from their home country Belgium in the heart of Europe, mix into a hot and trendy pop with a latino touch. 

Limeo sing in French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. Playing the guitar and the piano is a source of inspiration.

The group is developed by the iconic French music producer Gérald Louvin and developed together with Rock Rider Records. 

The single « Nous » is the starting-point from their upcoming debut album, which will be released in 2015.